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Steel Fabrication

At STATUS we can offer a wide range of steel fabrication solutions we have good suppliers and various accounts with protective coating companies offering Galvanising or powder coating solutions.
In our workshop we can produce many different kinds of framing
solutions or stair access solutions using our connections we can
utilize waterjet cutting technology or bending form works. As we have
our own team of men we commonly visit sites and offer a fitting service
of our work.

Bespoke Design

If a design or solution has not been created we can survey your project and have our CAD designer and team find a suitable solution to meet your needs if a structural engineer is required we have connections for this aspect also.

Stair Access Solutions

We can offer many different kinds of access solutions along with various edge protection and handrail systems most commonly in galvanise finish or we can offer powder coating finish to your colour. It is our diversity in this area that gives STATUS the edge amongst others and we always work to the statement of "Quality never Compromised"

Steel Framing Solutions

We can offer a wide range of steel framing solutions built to design or we can offer you solutions with our in-house designer. Just recently we have produced a large number of stock proofing solutions to the solar industry which incorporated a new framing design which has never been seen before we were able to offer this system within our customers budget although the new system was much better than the previous one.


Please feel free to contact us
should you require any of our services.

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